"Let Food Be Thy Medicine and Medicine Be Thy Food"

- Hippocrates

Welcome to the Revolution!

The Vegan Beauty Revolution (VBR) is a new and powerful movement led by women, that seek to end animal abuse, global warming, and illness.

VBR was created by Sky Valencia and is generated by eight outstanding vegan women. Each woman is unique in her own right, they are true blue pioneers of the vegan revolution. Women who have dedicated their lives to healing, preserving nature, eco-fashion, animal rescue, and health.

Our website will make it easy for you and your loved ones to make a simple transition to the incredible world of cruelty-free living.

What is Eco-Tainment network?
It is an innovative vegan network of web shows

Now, you can finally watch entertaining vegan web shows like Sexy Work-Out Mama to help you stay fit and the VBR Roadshow to show you where to dine at the tastiest restaurants as well as introduce you to other exciting green businesses.

VBR Feature

Veggy Street

Stay tuned for our next feature - Veganbites

Due to their mouthwatering vegan gourmet fast-food, Veggy Street is growing in popularity every week. These delicious restaurants offer affordable healthy V burgers, wraps, quinoa bowls, and delicious smoothies. Co-owner, Jorge Melatti (being from an Italian and Brazilian descent), makes certain each dish is super flavorful and made with the best ingredients.

The Vegan Beauties couldn’t get enough of their pretzel bread hot dogs and burgers. Veggy Street strives to make their food appealing and comforting. Your whole family will love it! Their venues are bright, modern and feature unique dishes and specials on Saturdays.

Two locations:
5135 S. Fort Apache Rd. Las Vegas NV and
1110 E. Silverado Ranch Blvd. Las Vegas NV
Call 702-798-0708 for details or check out their website www.veggystreet.com
Watch the full interview with the owners of Veggy Street and special guest author Marcel Kuijsten on VBR Roadshow

Choosing a healthy vegan lifestyle will help you radiate beauty inside and out. Your eyes will sparkle, your face will glow, and your body will be lean and full of clean energy.

Joining the Revolution!

Sky Valencia and web designer Mercedes Jennings take pride in making sure that the VBR website always has a plethora of interesting facts and tips about how to stay gorgeous while avoiding abusive and unhealthy products.

One way to be sure you’re not buying make up that is tested on animals is to look for the jumping bunny. Another way is to make sure you’re on the right path is to only eating the healthiest foods possible, such as plant-based, organic, and non-GMO foods. Did you know that non-organic foods are missing 50% of vitamins and nutrition? Did you know that by eating a vegan diet you are not only healing yourself but the planet too? To learn more about adopting a vegan diet, watch the informative documentary called  “What The Health”.

Due to your new vegan lifestyles, you will now radiate beauty inside and out, your eyes will sparkle, your face will glow and your body will be lean and full of clean energy!

Because True Beauty Comes From Being Healthy, Smart and Kind

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