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    Vegetaryn Clothing

    When I went vegan 9 years ago, it was primarily health-motivated. Consuming animal products was making me sick and I began realizing that following a plant-based diet made me feel exponentially better. Little did I know that adopting a vegan diet would end up curing my eczema and asthma, conditions I assumed I would have to live with for the rest of my life.

    I started doing research and became much more conscious of the impact that my choices had, not only on myself but on animals and the environment. My passion for leading a vegan lifestyle grew and I knew that I wanted to create a business that would reflect these ethics. I decided that an “activism apparel” company would be the perfect way to start the conversation around adopting a lifestyle that would create a positive impact on our planet.

    Not only did I want the messages I was spreading to reflect my morals and values, but I also wanted to make sure that I was operating my business in an ethical way. Thus, I made a conscious effort to ensure that all of my clothing is sweatshop free, as well as ethically made with vegan inks and dyes, making it free of harmful toxins and chemicals.

    A huge part of my business is also spreading awareness through social media platforms. I make sure to promote what I eat and wear every day on Instagram (@vegetaryn).  I believe that by giving people a look into my daily life, I’m able to lead by example and show people that a vegan lifestyle is completely doable.
  • Health

    VBR knows that the first thing non-vegans will ask you is, “where do you get your protein?” Here is a chart to explain how to get clean animal-free protein for a sexy and healthy body.

  • Beauty

    Milk Make-Up

    VBR’s pick of the best brand of V make up of April is Milk Make-Up. Their products are paraben-free, 100% vegan with nourishing ingredients. The colors are beautiful! You will really enjoy this brand!
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    Joe Komodo

    VBR wants to pay a tribute to a pioneer in vegan and eco-friendly fashion, Joe Komodo. Since 1988, Joe has been creating ethical garments and has stayed true to the cause while keeping it stylish and comfortable.

  • Dining,  Food

    Veggy Street

    Veggy Street is the VBR pick of April. Due to their mouthwatering vegan gourmet fast-food, Veggy Street is growing in popularity every week. These delicious restaurants offer affordable healthy V burgers, wraps, quinoa bowls, and delicious smoothies. The owners Jorge and Arek created pretzel bread hotdogs and burgers that are outstanding, and the creamy shakes made of avocado and cocoa will make your taste buds dance. Each dish is super flavorful and made with the best ingredients.

    The Vegan Beauties couldn’t get enough of their pretzel bread hotdogs and burgers. Veggy Street strives to make their food appealing and comforting. Your whole family will love it! Their venues are bright, modern and feature unique dishes and specials on Saturdays.

    Two locations:
    5135 S. Fort Apache Rd. Las Vegas NV and
    1110 E. Silverado Ranch Blvd. Las Vegas NV
    Call 702-798-0708 for details or check out their website www.veggystreet.com