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    Vegetaryn Clothing

    When I went vegan 9 years ago, it was primarily health-motivated. Consuming animal products was making me sick and I began realizing that following a plant-based diet made me feel exponentially better. Little did I know that adopting a vegan diet would end up curing my eczema and asthma, conditions I assumed I would have to live with for the rest of my life.

    I started doing research and became much more conscious of the impact that my choices had, not only on myself but on animals and the environment. My passion for leading a vegan lifestyle grew and I knew that I wanted to create a business that would reflect these ethics. I decided that an “activism apparel” company would be the perfect way to start the conversation around adopting a lifestyle that would create a positive impact on our planet.

    Not only did I want the messages I was spreading to reflect my morals and values, but I also wanted to make sure that I was operating my business in an ethical way. Thus, I made a conscious effort to ensure that all of my clothing is sweatshop free, as well as ethically made with vegan inks and dyes, making it free of harmful toxins and chemicals.

    A huge part of my business is also spreading awareness through social media platforms. I make sure to promote what I eat and wear every day on Instagram (@vegetaryn).  I believe that by giving people a look into my daily life, I’m able to lead by example and show people that a vegan lifestyle is completely doable.
  • Designer,  Fashion

    Joe Komodo

    VBR wants to pay a tribute to a pioneer in vegan and eco-friendly fashion, Joe Komodo. Since 1988, Joe has been creating ethical garments and has stayed true to the cause while keeping it stylish and comfortable.