Eco-Tainment Network

Tantalizing Your Taste Buds

This outstanding show is hosted by Sky Valencia and special celebrity guests. Sky will show you how to make super simple recipes for your family that they will absolutely love! Surprise your dinner guests with spicy Peruvian ceviche, savory Chinese beef and broccoli, or exquisite German chicken fricassee vegan style! The recipes are always extremely delicious and nutritious.

Tantalizing Your Taste Buds premieres mid-May, 2019

Sexy Work-Out Mama

Gorgeous fitness expert Letha Coughlin once weighed over 200 pounds after giving birth to twins, but now she is a lean, clean vegan machine! Letha decided she wanted a healthier lifestyle, so she got on a plant-based diet and opened up a fabulous workout center.

Letha now has an incredible body and a lot of stamina to keep up with her children and her busy work schedule. Letha will show you how to shed the weight and how to look fabulous in your bikini and lingerie this year.

Sexy Work-Out Mama premiere's mid-May and airs every Sunday night at 6 pm Pacific

VBR Roadshow

Go on the road with the beautiful, hilarious, and informative VBR ladies as they go to the tastiest and trendiest vegan restaurants, eco-festivals, clothing stores, and holistic zen spas in the United States.

VBR Roadshow airs every Monday night at 6 pm Pacific