Homeless for the Voiceless LA

St. Martin’s Animal Foundation has a mission to help some of the over 50,000 homeless people in LA with their pets while promoting a healthier lifestyle for the planet.️

With our Voice for the Voiceless outreach program, we are doing something that has never been done
before; we are turning the homeless into activists within their community. We do this by providing each person with clothing that stands for animal rights, protecting the environment, or promoting a vegan lifestyle. Then we give them literature about the importance of spay and neutering, not polluting the environment, eating a plant-based diet, and other important topics. We want the homeless to feel good about themselves. This way it may spark something in their minds, to get them off the streets and back on track with their lives. You never know if there is a great activist among the homeless. Some people may have just had a bad stroke of luck and simply need to be inspired again.

When you have compassion toward animals and Mother Earth, the sky is the limit.
This also gives our rescue team a chance to make sure that their cats and dogs are being treated
properly. In return for their help, we also offer coffee, toiletries, self-help books, blankets, jackets, socks,
vaccinations for their pets, medical care for their pets, water, and healthy food.

This project costs $5000 and we could use your help. If you are able to donate towards this mission, you would make many animals and people happy during the frigid cold winter.

By donating and volunteering, you will also be a part of this historical event ⭐️

To donate $ please visit this site.
(You will see the PayPal button)
Or send a check to:
St. Martin’s Animal Foundation
8860 Corbin Ave #245 Northridge CA

If you would like to donate your time for this event. Homeless For The Voiceless is on Sunday, January
26th 2020 at 1 pm near Olivera Street in Downtown Los Angeles.
Contact us for more details:
Stmartinsrescueranch@gmail.com or call Sky: 747-230-2169


Jan 26 2020


1:00 pm - 7:00 pm




Downtown LA
630 W 5th St, Los Angeles, CA 90071-2002, United States
St. Martin's Animal Foundation


St. Martin's Animal Foundation
747 230 2169

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